About Sian Gwilliam

I have two girls aged 10 and 8, who are culture and sport loving kids. As well as running My Culture Club, I freelance in TV Production.  I grew up in London, moved to Hove, lived in Glastonbury and Nottingham, went to Uni in Loughborough, was an au pair in North Carolina, worked with Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) on his first ever TV Show, and then settled in Camden, with my Comedy Writer other quarter.

My Story (the short version)

I grew up with a theatre loving father, and art and loving Mother. As a child I spent many birthdays seeing West End shows with my late Father. I had my 16th birthday party (at the request of my Dad) at a famous late night bar in Soho called Gerry's, (in the afternoon of course). Although I loved sport as a child and went to Millfield School in Somerset., It was there that I did a little bit of everything, singing, music, athletics, drama and got great grades in socialising. Many of my best friends will tell you that I'm key to organising their social diaries, and am happiest when bringing people together.

My Culture Club

I set up My Culture Club, as an natural progression from booking tickets for friends, and organising theatre trips for the families at my daughters school.  I am always reviewing shows, and by doing this I can achieve my mission; which is promoting the arts, and connecting people, families and friends whilst hopefully enjoying some of the worlds best culture on our door step, at the same time.


I am passionate about the benefits of children and families experiencing great art and culture. I believe that doing this builds confidence and self belief.  Learning through play encourages children to enjoy education, and feeds their curiosity of the world around them. Being creative allows children to be spontaneous, and allows them to express themselves. It also helps to break down barriers, and bring people together.  


My girls, and the #cultureclubkids (and families that review shows for us) try out as many of the events I organise as possible. I really care that my clients have the best time possible leading up to, and at the event. I have a close relationship with many venues, and will always go that extra mile to make sure your outing runs as smoothly as possible. 

Want to Review A Show?

I'm always looking for families who can review theatre, workshops and other events for me, so please drop me an email if you'd like to join the review gang. You can see the latest features on the ' theatre reviews' page.

Please email me with your details, and ages of your children ; sian.gwilliam@me.com

Promotional & Copyright material

Please note that all images used on this website are used for promotional purposes. There is no intention to violate any copyright, and all credits are given where possible. My Culture Club supports artists and photographers in any ways possible, and want to promote their work, and will credit when the information is available. If there is any content on this site that you would like removed, please contact me asap.. Also, if you have information for credits for images, or other material, please email the information so I can update the site immediately. sian.gwilliam@me.com