working with schools 


reasons to work with my culture club

  • Schools can find all the event & resource information they need in one place
  • Online education resources and workshop information can be available on the website for easy reference
  • Save time, and money with stress free bookings in one place.
  • I will take care of ticket delivery, reminders, and answer any questions to help your staff in the lead up to the event.
  • I can work with your staff and curate events to cover different areas of the curriculum (Art, Design & Technology, Science, Music, Drama, Geography and English).
  • I provide chaperones if required (for a fee).
  • I can source the best 'relaxed' performances for children with special needs
  • I help with travel bookings and itineraries.
  • Don't delay email now to chat about your requirements.

why my culture club is right for your school

Let My Culture Club help your school maintain your standards in delivering creativity through cultural education. I can curate a program that covers the Arts, poetry, music, heritage, lm, drama, digital arts, design, dance, craft, theatre and more.  Is your school offering a broad and balanced curriculum that develops creativity through education ? I can provide data and information to help your head teachers report that covers the range and impact that cultural activities have on pupils learning. 

Through My Culture Club's PTA program the school can involve and educate parents in their children's cultural education. There are endless ways to continue and expand on the work that a school does with their cultural education of their students. Let My Culture Club plan the next academic year with you, and deliver the high standards that your children will benefit from.

your arts COUNCIL cultural education challenge checklist

Has your school take part in Artsmark?

Does the school deliver Arts Award ?

Do you have links to your local Music Education Hub, and/or Cultural Education Partnership?

Does your school give pupils opportunities to engage with practitioners in the creative industries (i.e. musicians and artists in residence)?

Does the school actively engage with local arts organisations when seeking to recruit new staff and governors?