You can pay directly via the BOOK TICKETS page on the website. Please don't bring cash on the day. Although I do not usually charge shipping, (and usually arrange to get your tickets to you personally), I use the shipping information as the reference in any payments.


The face value of a ticket is set by the event organisers. I am not on a commission structure, so in order to cover my costs I have to charge a small fee. The ticket cost is the face value plus the concierge fee. I have to do this on a per-ticket basis to cover the cost of providing a high level of customer service, the booking of each ticket, labour costs, credit card commissions website costs,  and many other costs associated with running my business. The actual amount I charge is always kept at a minimum, and I always ensure that the event organisers and venue are paid their set ticket prices. I offer a specialised business model by giving you a personal level of service that is so rarely available in the event booking world.


I often have to pay a restoration levy collected on behalf of the theatres, sign up to the available memberships that support venues work, and put a huge amount of my time into working closely with the venues to review and promote their productions. 

Ticket Requests

Email reservations will be held for a maximum of 7 working days, or longer if I am able to.


I am unable to refund tickets, please check the event details and your availability carefully when booking. If I have sold out, or you cancel you are welcome to resell your tickets, please forward the new guests details to me so I can stay in touch with them if there are any event changes. 


The event posting is correct at the time of publishing. Due to circumstances beyond my control My Culture Club reserves the right to make alterations to the programme and/or cast. Refunds will not be issued in these circumstances.


Every effort will be made to admit latecomers as soon as a suitable break occurs and liaising with the venue, but admission is not guaranteed.


Please check the event information carefully. Some venues advise parents not to bring children under 2 years of age, (this is the case in many West End theatres for example).  Baby changing facilities are usually available, and if you need help finding them, ask the venue staff, or email me in advance


The management reserves the right to remove any ticket holder from the theatre, without refund, on reasonable grounds including, without limitation, where the ticket holder breaches these Terms and Conditions, disrupts other audience members’ enjoyment or does anything that the Management considers to be unacceptable behaviour which may cause damage, nuisance or injury. Ticket holders must comply with instructions and directions given by the Theatre staff.


At many venues your bag may be subject to being searched by the venue staff.