Escape Room, Birthday Party


Escape Room, Birthday Party


This is a group rate, which includes a concierge booking service fee. (This fee covers any booking fees charged by the venue, and covers admin fees billed to My Culture Club).

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An escape room or escape game is usually a physical adventure game in which players are given a set amount of time to solve their way out of an immersive, fictional scenario using teamwork and logic. 

Each team gets 60 minutes to escape and a designated game host to look after your game and help you along the way with cryptic clues and hints if you get stuck.

The venue rooms were designed for teams of 3-6 players. For groups larger than 6 players, multiple rooms can be booked for the same time slot - for example, a group of 10 can split into two teams of 5 and book two identical units (rooms) of either ,  or Revenge of the sheep. This way everyone can enjoy the same mission and you can even race each other to make it more fun!

Be prepared to spend between 80 to 90 minutes at the venue. This includes your briefing before the game, the actual gameplay (60 minutes) and an after-game team debrief with photos.

To make sure that you get the best experience, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking.

The Escape Room is a fun escape game for all ages, although children under the age of 9 might find it challenging and confusing.

For teams of children under 16 the venue require the supervision of one adult per team (e.g. for three teams of children, three adults will be required to join them in the escape rooms). For more information.


Due to the nature of the business (i.e. live experience) the venue can not refund in case team members drop out, but they will do their best to help you reschedule when possible if this affects the capacity of the rest of the group to attend. 
If you are unsure of the final numbers attending a game session, then we advise to book for the minimum amount of players required per room, which is 3. You can then add more players before or on the day of your booking.