HMS BELFAST : SLEEPOVERS (Age 7-18yrs) : 20 People


HMS BELFAST : SLEEPOVERS (Age 7-18yrs) : 20 People


(For Schools or Youth Groups)

Sleep overnight on board HMS Belfast and experience life below deck in this adventure on the River Thames.

Kip in a Ship offers an exciting and affordable sleepover experience for schools or youth groups with children aged 7-18 in the heart of London.

Up to 52 children (26 boys and 26 girls for mixed-gender groups) can stay for up to three nights on board, immersing themselves in the ship’s history by sleeping in real sailors’ bunks. We can accommodate a maximum of six adults (at least one adult for every ten children) in two separate cabins.

Your visit includes breakfast and a morning learning session where children can discover the stories of the men who lived and worked on board this warship during D-Day and beyond.


  • £60.00 per person per night including VAT (includes breakfast).
  • The minimum party size you will be charged for is 20.
  • The evening activity can be added for an additional £12.50 per person (includes all materials and an exclusive tour of the Captain's Bridge)
  • Packed lunches and gift bags can be added for an extra fee
  • Bedding and towel hire (includes pillow and pillow case, duvet and duvet cover, sheet and bath towel*) £8.50 per person. For groups that are unable or do not wish to bring their own bedding, you can now hire this for your stay. Items cannot be hired separately. You can choose to hire it for your whole group or individuals within your group. Please be advised that groups will be required to make their own beds and remove all sheets, covers and bedding the following morning, with the assistance of their group leader.
  • All ticket prices include a small fee to cover the costs of running My Culture Club, and the personal concierge services on offer.

Unfortunately, once tickets have been purchased they cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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The evening session offers a unique opportunity to discover the realities of life on a warship. This will take place between 6 – 10pm on the night of your stay. 

‘Kippers’ will be able to learn about some of the different jobs on board that helped to keep this floating town ship shape. You’ll find out about the role of visual signallers and learn semaphore, a flag signal language, before making your own mini flag pole to raise a flag signal of your own. 

HMS Belfast was not only a place of work but a home to over 950 sailors and kippers will get to design their very own mess mug in which to enjoy a hot chocolate – one of the sailors’ favourite drinks on board! In between these activities, groups will be guided through an exclusive tour of the Captain’s Bridge and Flag Deck with a chance to lookout over the iconic London skyline at night.