V&A Museum Group of 20-25 Private Tour (1 hr)


V&A Museum Group of 20-25 Private Tour (1 hr)


Explore the Museum and its incredible collections with our wide range of tour options.

Duration: 1 hour
Number of people: 1-25 (except for Islamic gallery, 1-20). 
£200 per tour (incl concierge fees)

No refunds available when booking has been confirmed.

Booking and payments to be made 4 weeks in advance.

Please contact me to arrange your tour; sian.gwilliam@me.com

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Discover the V&A
An ideal tour for first time visitors or those who have a general interest in art and design and are keen to learn more. Discover the origins of the Museum and learn about the many fascinating treasures held in the V&A's extensive collection.

20th Century
The 20th century saw a dramatic period of change in design. This tour looks at the broad contrasts between mass produced items and hand crafted goods, including nostalgic objects ranging from unusual radios to familiar posters and even a pair of modern day trainers.

The Architecture gallery brings together the unparalleled collections of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the V&A, showing original drawings and models, photographs and building fragments. Over 2,500 years of architectural history is on display.

British Galleries
Critically acclaimed and unmatched in scope, the British Galleries display the most comprehensive collection of British art and design on view anywhere in the world. Trace changes in design and lifestyle from the Tudor monarchs to the end of Victoria's reign. (Tours concentrating specifically on the Tudor and Stuart, Georgian and Victorian galleries are also available).

Eastern Art & Craft
Around 60,000 spectacular works of art make the V&A's collection one of the largest permanent displays of Eastern art and craft in the world. The galleries are designed to immerse the visitor in the unique culture of each country.

European Styles
This tour takes you through a broad range of galleries to explore the development of European styles, from medieval to French empire, and the influence of Eastern art on European design.

The V&A's world renowned fashion collection covers changing shapes and tastes in style, from beautiful 17th-century fashions to contemporary, cutting-edge designs and haute couture. The collection also includes accessories such as jewellery, gloves and handbags.

History of Tea
Explore the history of tea drinking, from its origins in China and East India to its popularity in Victorian Britain. Find out more about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and look at tea paraphernalia, including teapots on displays in our Ceramics galleries.

'The programme was very well thought out and the theme was skilfully developed, giving us not just a history of tea drinking but also of social behaviour, design, technology, international trade and many other fields. I know that all of the participants were greatly impressed.' 

History of Tea tour attendee

Innovation & Techniques
A fascinating look at the techniques of crafting different materials such as silver, glass and ceramics. This tour introduces the extensive materials galleries, explaining how pieces were made and how techniques have developed with changes in fashion and technology.

Interiors can reveal an astonishing amount about the preoccupations of a given age. This tour covers the epitomes of British interior style from the 1600's to present day, including a look at some of the V&A's five reconstructed period rooms.

This stunning gallery houses one of the most extensive and renowned collections of Islamic art in the world. Some 400 objects of exquisite beauty are on display, including ceramics, textiles, carpets, metalwork, glass and woodwork. This tour tells the story of Islamic art in the Middle East and beyond, from the 8th to the 20th century.

Love, Betrothal & Marriage
Discover stories of love and seduction from the worlds of classical mythology and the Medieval court. Consider rituals of courtship and marriage in Renaissance Italy and Tudor England by looking at sculpture and jewellery, including a selection of beautiful betrothal rings, marriage chests and the wedding suit of King James II.

The V&A's collection of oil paintings and watercolours include celebrated artists such as Turner and Constable, Botticelli and Degas. The paintings are displayed in elegant galleries originally built to house them during the 1860's.

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